The antennas of mobile phones operated near homes

Posted date: : March 3, 2013
The antennas of mobile phones operated near homes For a long time, the poles of mobile phones were operated from the homes of neighbors but now the poles are operated next to your homes.
These antennas have been operated in ten cities of Broward County inclusive the neighborhoods of Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes. Such same poles are also embedded in Palm Beach and in counties of Miami – Dade.
It has been surprising that the residents have complained these poles will affect their health. These poles are creating eyesores according to reports of residents.

The resident of Lauderhill Sylvia Lightener asked that how is it possible that these poles are not emitting any sort of radiations? The officials of Crown Castle said that these antennas are the structures of micro cells and are designed for filling for the absolute areas. The companies which are operating these antennas are themselves having 10,000 such poles across the nation commented by Melissa Anderson. The communication pole system is less dangerous as compared to the normal poles and is responsible for the safety of society regarding health. In South Florida these poles are embedded across the whole country. Portland has acquired the applications for holding meetings for notifying people. Dan Holmes said that half dozen new poles will be installed during this year.