How to fight off a mugger using a cell phone

Posted date: : March 3, 2013
How to fight off a mugger using a cell phone St. Louis, a police detective, demonstrated how a user could ward off a mugger using his cell phone. He says, “If a mugger holds you by your shirt, you can ram the corner of your smartphone into the backside of his hand and put pressure amidst the bones of his hand.”
According to Mayberry’s wife, an increasing number of women are joining the classes to learn this technique.

“As a woman, you can learn techniques to protect yourself from muggers as a man does. This technique is simple and important. Women should learn this technique as it is not difficult”: he said.
A recent retiree, Lamar Rieves says, “This technique can teach you to protect yourself quickly. It also keeps you alert. Self-defense is all about being aware of what is happening around you.
Mayberry says, “One of the best techniques to protect yourself against a mugger is to stay alert. You may have heard it several times before but nowadays staying alert is more important because the use of mobile phones while walking down the road has increased dramatically, so this advice is worth repeating.”
“People keep their eyes on the screens of their mobile phones, with the earbuds in. They cannot hear what is happening around them. Muggers benefit from their lack of awareness, attack them, and part them of their money and other valuable stuff.”: Mayberry says.