US And EU Comes Second To Africa When It Comes To Mobile Usage

Posted date: : March 3, 2013
US And EU Comes Second To Africa When It Comes To Mobile Usage The rate of mobile subscription is over 650 million now in Africa. This makes the European Union and United States stand second to Africa. A massive boom has been seen in the telecommunication industry. According to a report by World Bank“since 2000, the telecommunication has seen a growth of 40-fold, from a possible 16.5 million.
World Bank in a report in eTransform Africa also thanked the new cables which helped in increasing 20-fold the internet bandwidth.
Jamal Saghir,World Bank Director for Sustainable Development in the Africa Region stated the development and establishment landscape in the country has been greatly transformed because of the Internet and Cellphones. This is resulting in paving way for new dynamism is some very key sectors of Africa. Now the challenge is to scale up the pace of these innovations. Along with that, the success stories should be spread for more economic and social impacts over the following decade across the country.
The reports states how every field from agriculture, finance services to economy is being greatly influenced by information and communication technology (ICT). For instance, villages in Malawi use GPS devices to keep a track of any haphazard in order prevent any sort of deforestation from occurring. Same way in Mali, telemedicine is helping communities in rural areas to get access to proper healthcare.
A number of tech hubs have also grown in Africa with the rise of ICT in it.