The Rise of Voice Biometrics for Mobile Phones

Posted date: : March 3, 2013
The Rise of Voice Biometrics for Mobile Phones Voice biometrics is now the choice for authentication when compared to mobile phones. According to researchers, they have come with means of overcoming the usual limits.
Everything including banking records, health records, photos, and contacts lists that are available through your mobile phones, one of the greatest concerns is the ability to access such data securely. This explains why data holders and phone manufacturers have their eyes on biometric security systems because of the need to identify individuals reliably.
The question now is the biometric system that is best. The ones that are undergoing intense research are; face, iris, and fingerprint recognition. For a mobile phone, the most appropriate choice is voice identification. Unfortunately, the approach has its limitations.
A good example is that your voice can change significantly because you are speaking in a hurry or due to an illness. Again, during authentication, recording your voice is easy. For many groups, they have opted not to utilize voice biometrics.
Currently, RC Jonson, together with friends claims to have a different approach that will help solve such problems. The new system is above to provide secure authentication and preserve the user’s privacy at the same time.