This drone can steal what’s on your cell phone

According to news, hackers have invented a drone capable of stealing contents off your cell phone. The hackers are conducting experiments with the drones in London. The results of the research will be presented at Black Hat Asia cyber security conference in Singapore.

The name of the technology is Snoopy and the drone is equipped with it. The drone can target a cell phone if the phone’s WiFi connection is on. The drone is able to send a signal back pretending to be the network you are connected to previously. As soon as the mobile phone is connected to the drone, all the data on the phone will start to be shared on the drone.

Wilkinson, the developer of the drone technology, says that the he is an ethical hacker, and the purpose of the new technology is to increase awareness of the flaws in smartphones of today.

Installing this technology on drones will create threats since drones are totally mobile and pedestrian cannot see them. So, drone can follow people without getting detected.

While most of the uses of the technology are creepy, the law enforcement agencies can also use this technology. For instance, these drones can be used to identify looters in a riot.

If users want to protect themselves from the drones, all they need to do is switch off the cell phone Wifi connection.

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