Solar tree charges your batteries, mobile phone and even transforms into a lamp

Pot plants tend to clutter up an office, and they don’t provide any benefits other than increasing the beauty of the room. But now, experts have designed a mini tree that will be able to charge up your phones, and could be used as source of light. Read on to find out more.

The tree has been named The Electree Mini, and features solar panel leaves for transforming the light into energy that can recharge different types of USB-connected devices and batteries.

The tree is equipped with 9 solar cells that can be swiveled on the plan’s plastic branches for getting as much exposure to the sunlight as possible.

The inventor’s intention was to provide solar power for recharging cell phones without harming the environment. He worked on several years in order to design the tree.

The device is available in various versions. The basic one is capable of recharging three AA or AAA batteries. You can use those batteries to power up different appliances. The Electree LED version transforms the tree into a color changing lantern. The Electree USB lets you recharge your cell phones and watches on a daily basis. The invention sounds great. Let us see if people like it.

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