Police hunt suspect who took ‘selfie’ on stolen mobile phone

Police are trying to hunt a suspect who took a “selfie” when waving at camera on a snatched cell phone. The self-portrait photos automatically uploaded to the Dropbox account of the victim – a free of cost facility to store photos and documents online.

In three photos, he is slumped against the wall, and in one picture, he waves to camera. Daniela and her friend who don’t want to reveal their identities got their Samsung phones stolen from the bag of Daniela.

After coming back home without her phones, Daniela was shocked to see the photos in her account on Dropbox on her PC.

Daniela Hants said that she had her bag with her all night and the thief might have taken only 5 minutes to steal the phone.

My ticket for the club cloakroom was on my phone and I take it of my cell phone case when we are leaving.

When we come out of that club, we came to know that our cell phones were missing. I couldn’t believe that. Before that I had never had my cell stolen.

fortunately, the photos from the cell phone got uploaded to the Dropbox automatically. This is a great way to save space on a phone.

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