Millions of Android phones, tablets vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

Millions of tablets and cell phones that run Android OS have the software bug called Heartbleed.
According to researchers, the version of the Android OS that was rolled out in 2012, is still running on scores of tabs and smartphones, including ones released by HTC and Samsung among other big names. If you look at Google statistics, you will come to know that 34% of Android-based devices have different versions of Android OS installed on them. The company further added that around 10% of active devices are more vulnerable. Throughout the world, over 900 million devices with Android OS have been activated.
According to Microsoft, Windows OS and Windows Phone OS are safe from this virus. However, a couple of services are being reviewed and updated for added protection.
This bug lets hackers extract data from the memory of devices stealthily. A fix for this flow has been announced on 7 April.
The researched found out the hackers are scanning the Web in order to look for servers that are prone to hacking attacks, especially the servers in China.
Over 80% of users with Android 4.1.1 who shared data with cell phone security company Lookout are infected, according to Marc Rogers, one of the principal security researchers at the company based in San Francisco.

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