Happy Earth Day (Almost): American Mobile Phone Recycling On The Rise

Cell phone technology is going through changes, and it causes an increase in the amount of e-waste. While electronic waste is just 2% of all the trash,, other discarded gadgets accounts for 70% of metals. But the good news is that more and more Americans have a tendency to take part in e-waste recycling.
Since 2013 Earth Day, over 34,000 devices were sent by US users to eCycle Best. More than 21,000 of the gadgets were cell phones aside from 11,000 laptops and over 1,000 tablets.
Electronic users tend to purchase more cell phones than laptops or other gadgets. In the USA, around 10 million new gadgets were put on the market a year back, and users dispose of about the same number of old gadgets each year because new models of each devices are rolled out.
According to a study, each person discards e-waste that weighs around 65 pounds. CEO of e-Cycle Best, Dave Kruchinin, is quite hopeful that US consumers are taking wise steps when it comes to getting rid of cell phones, laptops, and tablets.
The Earth Day is going to be celebrated on 22 April, eCycle Best spurs on all US citizens to think carefully when they need to get rid an electronic gadget.

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