When are You not Legal Tracking a Phone and What Can Go Wrong?

Are you one of those people who are searching the web day and night for a legitimate phone tracker service? Are you worried about your phone and safety and wish to install legally approved tracker software? If yes, then here you can find yourself some useful information. People often in haste get into trouble by picking up malfunctioned software for themselves.
Phone tracking apps and services have flooded the web, making the user confused about which one to choose. Also, many of these sites have viruses or other malware linked to them. So, in that case, it is integral for a user to choose a service for him keeping safety in mind. Let us first discuss in detail the phone tracking process.

How is tracking done?
When a phone is used for calling, messaging or surfing, the nearest network tower receives data that eventually allows the routing of incoming calls. These network towers keep record of all the call related details, signal’s strength, and the data about the origin of the call. Owing to these towers, tracking the location of a mobile phone has become an easy job. The network providers have the rights to track the call for you.
With the emergence of GPS, the phone tracking process has become an easy task. GPS has to be installed on your handset for it to work. This very system facilitates in exact tracking of the location of the mobile phone. GPS enables real time tracking of any phone on which it is installed.

Why is it done?
Tracking was primarily devised for locating the position of the lost phones or to help security groups combating the crimes. There are largely two types of tracker services available online:
1. Offering tracker software to be installed on the handsets
2. Offering tracking services of any phone
The former is generally a legal business while the latter one is an illegal one.
Who need tracker services?
• People carrying vital information with them on their phones are always apprehensive about its safety. To prevent loss of information, they wish to install tracking software on their phone.
• With time, this mobile tracking has no longer been restricted to individuals with concern of phone safety rather it has become a mode of spying for many. Be it youngsters in relationships, married couples or the disturbed parents, all wish to keep track of the actions and locations of their close ones. This in turn, leads them into illegal spying activities. Also, this eagerness of spying has paved the way for a flourishing tracking business for many on the web.
For your awareness, here is some vital information about legal and illegal tracking activities, which might help you remain safe.
What is legal?
If the tracking is done for the following purposes:
• For locating lost phones
• For tracking the criminals
• For searching missing people
In all the three above three cases, tracking is held as legal by the court. These are considered legal only when they are routed through the legal agencies or means.
What is illegal?
Tracking carried out for personal uses without the permission of the person whose phone is being tracked is considered purely illegal.
Whom to consult first?
The best tracker service online or offline is always the legal means which are the:
• Network operators like Airtel, Idea, Vodaphone (Talking of India)
• Handset makers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.
• Police agencies and other security organizations
There are innumerable phone tracking software and services available on the web but their trustworthiness is doubtful. They might have well-pitched marketing strategies to promote their tracker software but can be a non-functional one. Choosing these should be a secondary option for you. Before, opting for any random service, one needs to check:
• The legal certificate of the company- Company must have a legal certification. This should be highlighted on its website.
• The reviews of the previous or current users- Reviews matter a lot. More are the positive reviews; more is the possibility of success of the product.
• Demo/ Free trial- You must opt for a demo and a free trial first before spending money on the software.
How these online tracker companies work?
Most of these companies just ask for a signup form and makes the tracking process seem really smooth. They have their demos uploaded online and a series of testimonials to support their credibility. The promises of giving the exact location of the device in case of its loss lure the users towards these software providing companies. They have different software designed for different operating systems of phones like for IOS, symbian, android, etc. These have various pricing options, suiting the pockets of the clients. In our view, it is best to go with the legal options and try out the software of the handset company itself.
Foremost choices in tracking software:
Software offered by handset companies- Signing up with the handset companies is a trouble-free and zero-cost process. Uploading some general information on the company’s site is just what one needs to do. This is easy and legal.
Besides, as per the studies, following are some of the trusted and most used tracker services on the web:
 Find my iPhone- IOS
 Find My Phone- Windows Phone 7
 Google Latitude
 Prey

Now, talking of the tracking services for personal reasons. These online tracking services are generally used by those who are usually longing to track the actions of their friends, spouse, employees, etc. for personal reasons. These are usually illegal practices especially in countries like India, Canada, England, etc. To plunge into any of such activity is an individual’s choice but is termed illicit by the court of law.
There are hundreds of available options for you online but selecting them carefully is your duty. There are many who would like to shove you on wrong paths but very few to guide the right way. Use your conscience and pick the right one for you as at the end of the day, it is your information that is on stake.