How Can I Track Vehicles or Pets?

Valuable things are always meant to be kept protected. We have bank to safeguard our money and other valuable belongings. There are numerable other things that needs to be kept safe like our phones, vehicles and our pets as well. Phone tracker systems are to be found on almost on all phones. Nowadays, vehicle and pet tracking systems are equally in demand in almost all parts of the world. The market is thronged with companies selling diverse range of vehicle and pet tracking systems.

If you are in search of information about the vehicle or pet tracking systems then here you can find some informative stuff.
Let us first discuss about the vehicle tracking systems first.
Vehicle tracking system
Vehicle tracking systems have become a must these days. With increasing number of crimes, it has become a mandate to install a vehicle tracking system in your vehicle.
What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

A vehicle tracking system utilizes a combination of automatic vehicle location and software. The fleet data is collected by this software which is used for getting the images of vehicle locations. Current day vehicle tracking systems commonly make use of GPS or GLONASS technology for tracking the location of the vehicles. Besides, there are various other technologies that are used in different vehicle tracking systems. The vehicle information or the tracking data can be easily viewed with the help of e-maps through internet or specific software made for the purpose.

Who require Vehicle Tracking Systems and why?
• Public transportation authorities require it the most as they need to track the correct location of their vehicles.
• Stolen vehicle recovery- Nowadays, these tracking systems is not only a necessity of these authorities but for everyone owing private vehicles. In case of loss of vehicles these are really helpful in spotting the vehicle.
• Surveillance- Also, these systems are used by security organizations like Police, etc. for tracing the criminals or tracing the location of a suspicious vehicle.
• Fleet management- Logistics companies that operate huge load carrying lorries often require these kinds of systems.
• Field sales- Companies require it to track the locations of their sales executives.
• Transit tracking- Tracking the movement of cargoes or assets.

So, if you are related to any of these above mentioned then you surely require a vehicle tracking system.
Types of vehicle tracking systems
If you are living in the 21st century then you are bound to find a variety of everything. Similarly, if you are in search of a vehicle tracking system then you have to look at various available options. Largely, there are two types of Vehicle tracking systems:
• Active
• Passive

Active Devices- These devices store a lot of data like GPS location, heading, speed and also at times a prompt action like door open/closed or key on/off. This data is transmitted via satellite or the cellular networks to a data centre for further assessment. This transmission of data is carried out in a near-real time.
Passive Devices- Like active devices, these also collect the same amount of information but the data is transmitted then and there. The device has to be removed from the vehicle for downloading its data on to a computer.
There are many contemporary systems which use a combination of active and passive. These systems incorporate the abilities of both the systems and make the device even more effective.
Where to get these Vehicle Tracking Systems from?
These are easily available on car accessory shops and on the web as well. You can surf the web and can find an array of companies dealing in vehicle tracking systems. So just by spending some money, you can buy yourself a secure vehicle tracking system.
So, once you have installed any of the vehicle’s tracking system in your vehicle then you can always track it anytime and anywhere. You can also take help of the company from which you have bought the system in case you have issues tracking it. These companies has specialized units to help you in real time tracking.
Vigilantly choose your vehicle tracking system and remain carefree thereafter.
After discussing about the vehicle tracking system, let us now discuss about the Pet Tracking Systems.
Pets are almost like our family members. They occupy a special place in one’s life and heart. Thought of separating from them makes you feel dizzy. Just like you take care of your kids, in the same manner pets require proper attention. They are vulnerable to getting lost. Hundreds of cases of pet theft or loss are reported every year. So, to combat this, a number of companies have launched pet trackers. Market has tracking systems for all kind of pets like dog, cat, horses and livestock.
What is a Pet Tracking System?
Pet Tracker is usually a device that makes use of GPS for tracing the location of the animal. This comes in different forms like a collar, or a button, etc. that is hung to the animal.
How is pet tracking done?
The device is tied to the animal that requires tracking. This is an easy and efficient way of tracking the pet animals. The device sends its location in the form of data to the computer centre where it is further assessed. These pet tracking systems generally work on GPS technology. The GPS technology enables the device to send the exact location of the pet. The device comes with software that has to be installed on your PC or phone. This software updates the pet’s location to you on regular intervals of time and at the time of pet loss. The companies usually have a team that brings the
pet back to you from the highlighted location.

Following are the features that an ideal pet tracking system should have.
Key features to look for in an effectual pet tracking system
• Tracking software- The company selling the system must have a user-friendly tracking website to ease the customers in tracking the pets. The navigation on the site should be simple enough for the ease of the users.
• Tracking on mobile phone- In today’s world, phones are always in one’s pocket so the tracking information should be sent to smart phones or cell phones for further ease of the customers.
• Prompt location alerts & location history should be sent actively to the customers.
• Real time tracking 24×7 should be provided.
• One-touch emergency button should be provided to the user so that he can quickly receive the pet’s location.
• 24×7 customer support should be provided to the customer. The companies that have an active team helping in retrieving the pet from the spotted location work best for you.
• The tracking system should be designed in such a way that it is easily carried by the pet. It should not in any manner cause discomfort to the pet.

Where can you find the Pet Trackers?
You can buy a pet tracker from a pet shop in your vicinity or any online store. There are hundreds of pet products’ websites on the web, selling pet tracker devices. The images and key features of the product are displayed together with other relevant product information like pricing. These can be easily purchased and used.
The online stores or companies might fool you by offering product at low price or highlighting the stylish look of the device. You must work diligently and select the best safety product for your pet. Safety of your pet comes first.