Tracking Your Children – Is It A Good Idea?

Safety is much more important than privacy. According to the news and numerous surveys, more and more parents are getting worried about the safety of their kids when they are surfing the Internet. In this article, we are going to answer a common and important question: Tracking your kids – is it a good idea? Read on.
According to reports from the National Crime Prevention council, about 43% of teens became victims of cyber bulling in just one year. However, only 11% of them chose to let their parents know about it.
Actually, more and more kids are using smartphones for texting and surfing the Internet. Surveys report that 23% of children between the ages of 12 and 17 own smartphones and they use the devices for texting and browsing the web every day. That is why parents more concerned about the safety of their innocent kids.

Parents get Proactive
For parents with kids under the age of 14 should be proactive. They should take the smartphones from their kids at night and get them recharged in the kitchen rather than in bedroom to access the technology. Parents should check the text sent or received by their kids to make sure everything is OK.
As a parent, you should know the email passwords of your kids. Another great idea is to put a limit on the number of messages your kid can send in, say, 24 hours. Research studies suggest that kids between 12 and 18 send over 3,000 texts per month.
All this makes it vital for parents like you to keep tabs on your kids’ online activities. But how can you do it? Is there any safe and easy way to do it? Yes, there is one.
Choosing the Right Tools
If you are a parent and keeping an eye on your kids online activities is like too much work for you to handle, then we recommend that you take advantage of mobile phone spy apps out there. There are lots of cell phone tracking apps to enforce rules established by you. First of all, you need to talk with your kids about the rules; let them know that you will be seeing their texts. Then you can install the app on their phone. There is nothing wrong with it as you are doing it for your kids’ safety.

Based on the concerns you wish to address, you can choose the right app or service. Following are a few concerns you may have as a parent.
• Locating kids in emergency: Wireless carriers provide basic level of safety with apps and geo-location services.
• Handling cyber bullying: Parents cannot keep a check on their children’s phone all the time. So, they can install spy apps on their phones for getting alert texts and blocking harmful behavior online.
• Preventing identity theft: For kids, this problem is on the rise. This problem can be prevented by installing monitoring apps on the phones.
• Protecting kids from stalkers and predators: Monitoring apps alert parents regarding suspicious contact online.
Cell phone spy apps for kids
There are tons of parents concerned towards their kids’ safety. So, there are tons of parents control apps out there. Some apps are quite easy to use while others are a bit complex.
If you already have run into grave problems with your kids’ online behavior, then you may want to take a rather aggressive approach and spy on the activities of your kids online. Generally, this requires you to install an app on the target phone. Then you can view longs as well as reports via email or on a website. These apps let you monitor emails, chat conversation, text messages, phone calls and web browsing. Aside from this, some app allow you to turn on the mic of the target phone remotely to hear conversations going on around your kid.

The great thing about these apps is that they can be installed on almost any phone with any OS out there. So, no matter if you your kid has a phone with iOS or Android, the spy apps can be installed on it.
And don’t worry, your kid won’t even know that he or she is being monitored or tracked if you choose not to tell him or her upfront about the app installed. You can change the app settings remotely from your phone or PC.
How far can be monitoring be taken?
As kids get older, it becomes hard to track their phone and it may be taken as a betrayal of trust. So, it is much better to tell your kid in advance that you are going to keep tabs on their phone with a mobile phone spy software. Let them know the rules. Spying on your kids without letting them is not a good thing to do. After all, you want your kid to love, not hate you. So, do install such apps on your kid’s phone if your motive is to take good care of them so they may remain safe when you are not around.