Future Of Cell Phone Tracking

A few years back, the only way to track a cell phone was through the use of cell phone towers. As a matter of fact, telecommunication companies can easily position the location of a cell phone by decoding data longs obtained after the target make calls. Aside from this, the companies can also track the location of a phone when the phone stays on and keeps on sending radio signals. However, when the phone is off, it is close to impossible to track it.

There is no need to mention that mobile phones communicate with cell phone towers all the time even on standby mode. In other words, as long as the cell phone is switched on, radio transmission continues to happen between the tower and the phone. Therefore, through triangulation technique, telecommunication companies can easily monitor the exact location of any cell phone unless it is switched off. So, the phone has to be in “on” mode for it to be tracked successfully.
In this article, we are going to look at how cell phone tracking feature is being used in the here and now, and what will be the future of phone tracking. So, read on to find out more about this amazing, yet helpful technology.

Today, cell phone tracking is no more a thing that amazes people. Everyone, in the here and now, is aware of the fact that smartphones can be tracked. To tell you the truth, whether you like it or dislike it, everyone who owns a mobile phone is being tracked. According to numerous studies conducted lately, more and more people have a tendency to spy on someone. In other words, they try to track their location in addition to their online activities without their permission.

There is no doubt that everyone of use wants to have the most recent phones. Today smartphones, such as the iPhone offers countless apps and users. These apps let you play music, watch movies, take photos, play games and so on and so forth. The fact of the matter is that as soon as you get yourself a phone, you actually arm yourself with one of the most advanced and complex spying device. Cell phone tracking technology is evolving as time goes by.

No matter what cell phone you own, it is capable of sending and receiving radio signals whenever you make calls, send text messages or surf the web. Now, imagine that your phone is equipped with a satellite GPS monitoring device as well. Yes, virtually all latest mobile phones come with GPS tracking feature. Every day, a significant number of people get caught because of the GPS in their phones. Only one year back, both Apple and Google devices were found to be storing and transmitting location information to the likes of large technology companies.

Another alarming fact is that, scientists have devised a way to track human behavior in details, in a trial spanning more than two years, according to a WSJ post. The scientists claim to anticipate future behavior of people through mobile phones. Apparently, mobile phone companies are now predicting if a user is going to switch to another service provider through this technology.
The scientists were not only able to detect general changes in the behaviors of people, there were also capable of determining information as to the health of the mobile phone user before he could even knew about it himself. This gives us an idea of what the future of cell phone tracking will look like. And all this will happen with the help of the handy device you can put in your pocket and carry wherever you want to. Let us find out what experts have to say about it.

According to the director of Human Dynamics Laboratory of MIT, Doctor Pentland, who helped starting the research, individuals can get this god’s eye view of the behavior of human behavior down the line with the help of their own cell phones.

Unlike other mobile devices out there, mobile phones have a tendency to stay with one person at a time. Although a cell phone is generally a personal device it can generate a tremendous amount of information as to yourself, which is amazing.

According to experts, as technology makes progress, cell phone tracking technology with also continue to develop. This technology is helping us in many ways; it is helping parents keep tabs on their naughty kids; it is helping cops catch criminals by tracking their cell phones; it is helping husbands/wives to catch their cheating spouses; it is helping intelligence agencies in tracking terrorist and so and so forth. So, with the assistance of this technology, it is hoped that we will be able to cope with terrorists and criminals in a better way. Let us hope for the best.