New Caltech chip can turn your cell phone into a projector

Imagine giving a presentation that is projected on a conference room wall via your cell phone!

You can imagine using your cell phone for giving a presentation in a conference room. That means you will be using your cell phone as a projector.

This technology will soon be available. The credit goes to research that developed light bending silicon chip. This chip works like a lens-free projector. It may be included in your cell phone down the road.

As a matter of fact, the new chip makes use of OPA for projecting the image through electrons with just one laser diode. Ali Hajimiri worked with his assistants and bypassed conventional optics through the manipulation of the light coherence. This is a property allowing the experts to “bend” light waves on the chip surface without lenses and mechanical movement.

To generate an image, the electronic data from the PC is converted into many electrical currents through amplification of weaker or stronger current to light in the phase shifter. The waves of the light are delivered to small array elements in a grip over the chip. This light is projected from every array in that grid. Moreover, each beam combines coherently in air for making a single light beam on the screen.

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