More Than 1000 Drivers Caught Without Seatbelts Or On Cell Phones In Notts

In Notts, over 1000 drivers were arrested for breaking the law while on the move in just two weeks.
Some of the drivers arrested were using cell phones while driving while others were without seatbelts.
Actually, the Nottinghamshire Police started a two-month campaign in order to target those drivers who don’t tend to follow traffic laws.
Andy Charlton, the chief inspector, said, “Sadly, this is no surprise; in spite of similar campaigns run in 2012 and 2013, the number of people who break traffic rules has not come down, and still many people break these rules while driving.
“The number of individuals who still don’t wear seatbelts is not coming down”

“But if someone thinks that driers have understood the message, he or she needs to think again”
“A large number of people still don’t seem to get the message”
“If you get into a vehicle with a relative or friend who doesn’t faster seatbelt, you should remind him of the outcomes, you can save their life this way”
“It is never too late to get rid of bad habits, don’t get distracted by phone and make it a habit to fasten your seatbelt”
This was the advice given the inspector of police.

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