Cell Phone Thefts Soar As Advocates Hail ‘Kill Switch’

Cell phone thefts don’t make national news any longer, but they do make big news when the victim gets seriously hurt in the robbery. Read on to know more.
As a matter of fact, more and more cell phone robbery incidents are taking place in the country. In other words, more and more cell phones are getting stolen in the here and now.
As many as 3.1 million users had their cell phone got stolen during the past one year, revealed by consumer reports. On the other hand, 1.6 million cell phones were stolen in 2012.
You need to take into account that we have more cell phone users now that in the past, but 3.1 million is not a small number, according to Donna Tapellini, the senior editor with Consumer Reports.
Why do a lot of thieves tend to snatch cell phones? Once reason is that phones are getting expensive these days.
If your phones get stolen, you should ask your carrier to get it disabled, and add it to the database in order to prevent it from getting activated again. But in other countries, this list doesn’t seem to work where stolen gadgets can be sold. Let us see what happens down the road.

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