Burglars broke in QC restaurant, mobile phone store

In a mobile phone outlet in Quezon City, Philippines, Burglars broke in and took away around p300,000. Read on to know the details.
The broke in two establishments and got away with cash and lots of electronic devices. The shop owners came to know about the burglary when they opened their shops in the morning.
According to QCPD Kamunining station, on Saturday, the burglary was discovered in 9 am. The employees noticed that a door to the admin office was forced open. All the stuff in the room was scattered around. They phoned the police right away.
The investigators at QCPD Kamuning station said that the thieves got into the restaurant via a hole made for installing an exhaust fan. They took the money equal to P134,000, P16,000 employees tips, and a cash sale of P42,000.
In the meantime, a sales clerk at Waltermart Mall said that 8 tablets and three cell phones were stolen from the kiosk. According to QCPD investigators, the burglary may have occurred between 10 pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday.
Let us know see if the police succeed in getting hands on the burglars. The crime rate all over the world is on the rise.

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