Apple and Samsung accounted for 88% of mobile phone profits in the last 6 years

If you want to figure out how hard it is for companies other than Samsung and Apple to earn profits, then you should take a look at the statistics revealed by Asymco’s Horace Dediu. According to reports from Dediu, cell phone industry made $214 billion of net profit during the previous 6 years. Apple and Samsung’s combined profit was 87.9% of the total market share. Read on for more.
Apple dominates the market because it generated about $133 billion of profits or 62% of total profit. Samsung is a little behind and generated a profit of $56 billion or 26% of the total profited earned by cell phone manufacturers. Nokia earned around 9.5% of the total profits.
Motorola lost a lot of profit. Over the past 6 years, it earned -2.8% of the total profit. That means the company didn’t do well and made no profits.
So, from these figures, we come to know that the Apple or Samsung are the market leaders and they are not going down in demand. But who knows what future will bring to us. Let us just see what happens. BlackBerry’s cell phones are the most expensive, but Apple is still having an edge over all the cell phone makers.

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